Why Choose Us

Comienzo Agri Science Limited is part of Sarda group of companies, which is having well diversified business portfolio starting from Iron Plant, Mining, Energy,IT Services, Dairy Farm, Dairy processing to this new seed venture.

We are engaged in R&D, production, processing and marketing of hybrid seeds. Comienzo Agri Science Limited markets the seeds under the brand name

that is a reflection of our commitment to provide best quality seeds to the farming community. We have our own R&D farm and a team of highly qualified and well-experienced crop breeders works enthusiastically to develop new hybrids that are high yielding, disease tolerant, stress tolerant, highly adaptive and best fruit quality. Our state of the art processing facility and Quality lab ensures that our hard working farmers always get seeds of a high standard. Our own seed production area permits us to provide best quality seeds to farmers.